RELEASE: Thousands of republicans to protest the royal wedding through the charts

A GROUP of disaffected republicans are campaigning to get the punk classic God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols to No.1 in the UK singles chart in time for the royal wedding.

The idea, which started out as a joke between a few friends, has gathered pace and now has almost 8,000 devotees on social network Facebook.

A spokesman for the Facebook group says they started the campaign because they are annoyed at the cost of the royal nuptials and the unbalanced coverage of the event by the media.

He said: “We were just fed up of seeing a constantly one-sided stream of sycophantic drivel from normally sensible news outlets – you’d think that the monarchy has universal approval if you were to watch and read Britain’s news at the moment.

“There are literally millions republicans in the UK who are having to sit through a daily torrent of pro-royalist guff and feeling like I do, that we have no right to reply”.

The group argues that “the Monarchy are completely contrary to the concept of democracy, and at a time when democracy is on the agenda via the referendum on AV, we believe that we should be discussing the future of this outmoded institution.”

“Many of us find the idea of being subjects pretty offensive, as well as the idea that somehow someone is better than you simply through birth.”

The plan to get the Sex Pistols to No.1 is latest in a line of campaigns to use Britain’s charts to make a political point, including the successful drive to get Rage Against the Machine to No.1 in a protest against the X Factor.

The spokesman continued: “We’re not expecting to reach the same levels of success of that campaign but we think this is a fun, non-violent and non-disruptive way to make our point that the voices of republicans in this country deserve a proper airing in the media.

“If this were to come off it would certainly bring a smile to the faces of republicans who will otherwise have to face the week of the wedding through gritted teeth.”

He added: “Besides, it appeals to the naughty school kid in us all.”

The single, which featured on the Sex Pistols only album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, was first released during ‘Queen Elizabeth IIs Silver Jubilee in 1977. The record’s lyrics, as well as the cover, were controversial at the time, and the BBC refused to play it.

It reached no.1 on the NME charts in the UK and made it to no. 2 in the official UK Singles Chart. This led to accusations by some that the charts had been fixed to prevent the song from reaching number one.

This time round the single is up against several other campaigns to get songs to No.1 for the week of the wedding. The tracks lining up for the top spot include Ghost Town by the Specials, Lansley Rap by MC NXTGEN and a song whose title is far too rude for a press release by internet favourites, Kunt & The Gang.

The group says it welcomes any competition that encourages debate on the future of the monarchy.

The spokesman added: “We think it would be brilliant if any of these songs were to hit the top spot, the fact that so many are may indicate a much needed return for the concept the protest song, music has always been such a good way to express ideas and a great way to create something people can rally around.”

And to those who might criticise the feeling behind the campaign, he said: “Good luck to them we say, they’re entitled to their view our only issue is that it’s getting 100% of the air-time.

“We’re sure most will be wheeling out the old chestnut of how much cash the existence of the Windsor House brings in to British tourism, but we love Britain, and we’re sure tourists would come to see our beautiful cities, magical countryside and brilliantly diverse people anyway.

“What makes Britain great is its people and their achievements. Many come to the UK for our history and that’s exactly what the monarchy should become!”

The group are asking people to buy God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols from chart registered stores such as iTunes from Monday 18 April through to Sat 23 April.

More details can be found at the Facebook page

07954 887 968


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One response to “RELEASE: Thousands of republicans to protest the royal wedding through the charts

  1. guff indeed

    Peasants (At least that is the view of the monarchy),

    They said it before, “Off with their heads.” Everyone needs to help disrupt the royal family and this fiasco of a wedding in hard economic times. Eventually, removing the royals all together. If you do not want to get radical, you can help by civil interference. If people are protesting, purposely get in the way of the police and help others escape. At least give the royals a verbal thrashing to remember. This is your one chance to show the royal family and the world how you really feel. If the protests are successful and laughable enough, nudity, vandalism, mockery, etc, then the royals will be laughed out eventually. Remember that the police cannot harm peaceful protesters. Simply cross the picket lines in droves and block the roadway. Use food; rotten eggs, tomatoes, paint, etc. This is a glorious time for the revenge of the British people against the monarchy. Have a little fun with it. After all it is costing us billions, and the royals next to nothing. God Save the Queen. Here here.


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