A few words about Jerome

I hope nobody minds but I just wanted to share some thoughts about  a friend.  A few days ago I received the awful news that my friend Jerome had passed away, and I just wanted the world to know a few things about him.

I was deeply fond of Jerome and always had a brilliant time when he came over for one of our ‘boys nights’ which consisted of drinking, watching footy (he was of course a fellow Arsenal fan, like all the best), playing PS3 and putting the world to rights.

It’s not hyperbole to say that I had an incredible amount of respect and admiration for Jerome.  He had several brilliant qualities that I most like in others but that are also incredibly uncommon (I certainly can only aspire to them).

Jerome always had time to help people. This wasn’t just the odd bit of advice (but trust me, he was good for that), but he’d actually physically put his shoulder to the wheel when someone needed a hand.  He was incredibly knowledgeable about technology and about  TV and sound production, and he used this knowledge to help others. I’ve lost count of the number of people who had Jerome turn up at their house and help them fix stuff, install stuff, teach them to use software etc. If you needed a hand, he’d just rock up  and help.

In fact, many people will have been guests at the flat that Rory and I lived in on Kilburn High Road, and it was Jerome who helped us find that flat by introducing us to our brilliant former landlady Fran.  I don’t think I know of someone who he didn’t help.

The news that he’d passed on was genuinely devestating.  My heart goes out to Geri and to the others who were closest to him, I just wanted to say a few words to acknowledge the passing of a man I thought was awesome, and who, because of his kindess, a man I’m not ashamed to admit I genuinely looked up to.  I know that there are a large number of people who feel the same way.

I can’t believe he’s no longer with us.  There’ll be a gap in the fridge for champions league games that won’t go unnoticed and speculating about the finale of award winning Sci Fi spectaculars just won’t be the same without him.

So long Jerome x


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