Missing In Inaction

Where the hell is the Labour Party?

In the last few days we have seen the following:

1) The Conservative / Libertarian Democrats pull apart our entire system of government finance irreversibly
2) The Con / Lib pact making their pledge to not put children in detention centres get closer to reality by not putting them in detention centres, IN THE UK, but instead sending them to ‘reintegration centres’
3) Our economic record that managed an unprecedented record of 11 years of GDP growth, near full employment and maintained the moral and economic high ground on how we managed to avoid a depression whilst the western economy looked set to go into full on depression being pulled apart by hacks, Tories and those bearded Libertarians without censure
4)  The Conservatives and their clammy-thighed yellow chums gerrymandering our system of government

So where’s the party? These people are changing things, important things, without even a whiff of opposition in the media or probably even in the hearts of many who make up the PLP. Not fighting now doesn’t only prevent us from power, but it means that people have less, people will end up on the streets, people will end up hungry, people will end up sick, people will end up dead.  So, all we can do is talk about activating activists and get some applause at a scones party by a nice group hosted by a nice group of future ac  (who someone have 2 votes if they’re also Labour members).

Our country is being savaged at the moment, but we’re too busy personifying magnolia to help the people who the Tories are really starting to get their teeth into (with their stump-nether-regioned bearded friends), and we’ll not only not be elected, but we’ll also hurt ‘real people’


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